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Shoremaster Docks

Shoremaster offers a wide range of options for docks and lifts.

Dock types include standing docks, wheel-in docks, and floating docks.

The standing docks are highly configurable and easy to own. The wheel-in docks are very stable and easy to install and remove. The floating docks offer versatile designs and they adapt to fluctuating water levels.

Shoremaster Lifts

Shoremaster lifts include vertical lifts, hydraulic lifts, pontoon lifts, and cantilever lifts.

The vertical lifts are very durable yet simple accommodating any size boat or pontoon. The hydraulic lifts are very quiet with push button operation making them very convenient to use. The pontoon lifts offer superior protection with longer and wider lift bases. They feature a double v-side design and pontoon bunk system to keep your watercraft clean and protected. The cantilever lift is simple and reliable for pontoons, boats, or personal watercraft. They are easy to operate and maintain.

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