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Shoreline Boat Lifts

From Shoreline Industries we sell boat lifts:

Whether you have an aluminum fishing boat, a fiberglass runabout, a personal watercraft, or a pontoon, Shoreline boat lifts makes it easy for you to choose the right lift. Offering two styles of durable and affordable boat lifts perfect for your boat, pontoon, or PWC.

Cantilever boat lifts are designed to be extremely simple to own and operate. Shoreline Industries' cantilever lift features just one cable and three pulleys mated up to a durable and time-tested Dutton-Lainson winch system to get your watercraft up and out of the water quickly and easily at an affordable price. Cantilever lifts work perfectly with a water depth of at least 3 feet and with the addition of optional longer lift legs, they can be used in water depths of about 7 feet.

Vertical boat lifts are designed to operate in shallow water under 3 feet of depth. The unique combination of rack leveling cables and pulleys combined with Dutton-Lainson's time tested winch system allows the Shoreline Industries vertical lift rack to travel up and down vertically with no pivoting motion. This means you can use a vertical lift in shallower water depths than a cantilever style boat lift. Choose an affordable Shoreline Industries vertical boat lift to protect your watercraft today, and well into the future.